A portrait of the artist as a warm man.

A portrait of the artist as a warm man.

Hello, there!

I'm a 22-year-old director/animator/designer currently living in Los Angeles, CA!

I grew up in the small but lovely town of Moorhead, MN –– right across the river from Fargo, ND. There, I taught myself how to draw and animate around the age of 9, largely as a way to occupy my ever-expanding imagination (as well as escape from the Hoth-like winters).

When I got to high school, I got bit by the performing bug really hard, and spent a majority of my time acting in musicals and competitive speech. But rather than distract from my animation, the two disciplines strengthened each other in many ways: I was able to apply acting and character-building techniques I learned in the theatrical world and bring them into my animation; and the perfectionism and attention to detail that come from animating frame-by-frame for several years instilled in me a very strong work-ethic and artistic drive as an actor.

Both, combined with a growing interest in the works of Stanley Kubrick and David Fincher, made me realize that what I really wanted to do was direct. And I've been working towards that goal ever since. 

Have a freelance film/design/illustration project you'd like to discuss? Or just wanna chat? Contact me anytime at devon(at)devonm.com and we can figure something out!


• USC School of Cinematic Arts / BA Animation '17


• Animation Educator's Forum Scholarship, ASIFA-Hollywood 2016

• John Locher Memorial Award, American Association of Editorial Cartoonists 2016

• Provost Undergraduate Research Fellowship, USC 2015

• Top-14 in Cinematic Arts, National YoungArts Foundation 2013

• Minnesota Scholar of Theatre Arts, 2013

• National Finalist (6th Place) in Dramatic Interpretation, NSDA National Speech Tournament 2012

• Best Son Award, Mom 2003

a few of my favorite movies...

• 2001: A Space Odyssey

• Apocalypse Now

• The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

• Dr. Strangelove

• Her

• it's such a beautiful day

• The Social Network

• There Will Be Blood


...and some recent sketches from instagram!